Would you like to sponsor the next edition of the most important event on software development with Python? Do not hesitate and contact the organization right away by writing to sponsors@2023.es.pycon.org To find out all the advantages that our different levels of sponsorship offer you, you can download the informative brochure:

Teide 3.7 km Teide Tamadaba 1.4 km Tamadaba Teneguia 430 m Teneguia Timanfaya 370 m Timanfaya
Tickets discount 20% 15% 10% 5%
Logo in the Web
Gift inside the welcome pack
Access to Add-ons
Social Network publications
Publish Job Offers
Brochure in the welcome pack
Logo in posters
Announcement in the program
Logo in newsletter
Logo in the break screens
Sponsored talk
Public thank you live
Press releases
Jury membership
Prize delivery
PRICE +6000€
3000€ 1000€

This year, personalize your sponsorship by adding add-ons!

Two women in an interview


It is known that there is a lot of talent at PyConES. Do you need a room to be able to do interviews? We give it to you! (3h per day)

A woman breastfeeding her baby sitting in an armchair

Nursery room

Roll-up at the entrance and decorate it inside, bring bottles of water and comfort elements so that those who use it feel comfortable

Four puzzle pieces

Toy Library

Roll-up at the entrance of the room. You can contribute games, toys and more! Stand out as a company that is committed to the family

... and many more!

Wanna know more? Check out the brochures and contact us if you have any question